Le Salon

Meet the East Bay natives behind the intention

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As the visionary behind Le Salon, intuitive hairdressing has always been Tiffany’s calling. After completing many prestigious certification programs, she opened this space in 2009 to transform the modern salon into a place that attests to her conviction in hair as energy, having the power to say who we are to the world before we even speak. Her commitment is, above all else, to creative authenticity and inspiring those around her to manifest their own authenticity. A self-professed street rat that managed to break into the hallowed halls of high fashion (ratatouille, anyone?), her work combines craft and intuition; pedigree and instinct; tradition and free play. Her inspiration stems from effortless French-girl haircutting and hair painting (techniques that embody the freehand intuitive approach) as well as men’s grooming and vintage styling. Never one to rest on her laurels (or rest much at all), Tiffany has continued to branch out in the industry since opening Le Salon. As a team member of and educator for Shokunin Clik, she brings her street sensibility into play with runway pomp at New York and Paris Fashion Week.  Her creations have been captured in various publications, including Vogue Italia and vogue.com.



Simply put, Sophia loves to make pretty hair.  Ever wonder how Beyoncé just woke up like that? Sophia’s work will have you bright-eyed, bushy mane tamed, and ready to conquer the world. (All will wonder, ‘maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s a… weave?’)  Her work focuses on thickening and lengthening techniques, with particular expertise in Hotheads tape extensions and PerfecTress connection extensions. As a colorist, she specializes in multidimensional highlights, balayage, natural root fading highlights, and blondes. She sets out to ignite pop-star levels of confidence in her clients while honoring the demands of their individual and real everyday lives. To book an appointment directly with Sophia, email beautybysmarie@gmail.com.



An esthetician in the Bay Area for 20 years,  Cole is famous for her 15 min Brazilians and bangin' brows. We all know how proper you are, but a service from this waxing queen wouldn't hurt before a first date (well, it might sting a little but at least it's quick)! For the sensitive ones among you, don't worry—she offers threading too! To book with Cole, please text her directly at (510) 689-3757.



A proud East Bay Native, a diamond in the rough, and an Aveda school graduate, Cristina is a junior stylist in training under Tiffany’s mentorship. Her work is inspired by the oddities, beauty, and unique style of the Bay Area. As the newest kitten in the house, she is holding her ground and marking her territory. She is learning to perfect the things she adores most: shags, French bobs, beachy texture, precision cuts, color correction, and blonding. 




After 25 years in the business, Lisa still loves what she does and takes her inspiration from connecting with people. She is creative and passionate about not only her craft but also being a mom and cooking.



A Bay Area transplant from Wisconsin, Elicia brings her latest project, She Wolf— specializing in microstroking and permanent makeup—to the Le Salon community. She holds a microstroking certificate from Daria Churpys Academy in Beverly Hills and a diploma in Makeup Design for Television and Film from the Vancouver Film School, where she studied the fundamentals of beauty and special effects makeup. Her clients have included notable industry figures such as photographer Annie Leibovitz and designer Traver Rains. She has received a Clive Barker award for her SPFX makeup at the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear. She Wolf’s vision is to encourage you to be your own kind of beauty by inspiring confidence in personalized beauty standards and exploring beauty beyond convention.