Service descriptions:


Single process color~ All over color brushed onto hair, for those going mysteriously darker or even a bit angelically lighter for a solid base color. Usually done to cover gray or change hair color completely. 

New growth touch up~ Color brushed into roots or new growth of hair. Used to match all over color and cover gray. It’s like it grew straight out of your head! 

Partial highlight~ Foils used to go lighter at the frame of your pretty face, hairline, and top round of the head. Ideal for sun kissed and blonde natural looks.

Full highlight~ An entire head of foils for someone who wants to be significantly and shamelessly lighter than their natural color. Also good for those who wear their hair up often.

New growth and highlight~ I want it all! Sometimes we need a little bit of everything, and this process is for those who want to be lighter as well as to cover grey. This is alternated every 2-3 appointments with a new growth/root touch up.

Balayage~ French hairdressing term for free hand painting. There are many ways to map out this look. Generally done fairly close to the root and blended out, getting lighter towards the ends.  Keep in mind that it may take a 2-3 rounds of this process to achieve your desired look! This service is mostly for those who wish to have a more natural effect with low maintenance grow out and fewer visits to the salon (even though we will miss you!). 

Ombré~ French for shading/fading. Similar to balayage, except with a more dramatic color difference and less fading at the root. A sort of ‘dip dye,’ if you will.

Bleach and tone~ For those that desire 50 shades of blonde or to be an ice queen, bleach is a hair lightener that removes natural pigment to get a raw base that usually ends up in the orange/yellow family. This is totally normal! A toner is applied after the lighter is rinsed out to achieve the exact color and tone of blonde desired. Suggested touch up is every 6-8 weeks. 

Toner~ If you’re a real stickler about keeping your new blonde color looking fresh and not brassy, you may want to come in every month for a toner. This will keep away any unwanted hues, help if you have hard water in your shower, or simply add some shine. This is also great for cherry redheads that like to wash a lot.

Keratin express/anti curl~ Ok, calm down; this is used to tame frizz and relax hair a little bit while adding shine and manageability without removing curl completely.

Keratin smoothing~ Maybe she’s born with it. Used to almost completely straighten/relax hair for unruly humidity hating locks. Leaves hair smooth, straight, and very shiny. 

Scalp treatments~ This is well known in Europe for monthly self-care. Great for anyone with any type of scalp imbalance. Just like our faces, our scalp pores and follicles need to be tended to. Whether you need something energizing, calming, or anything in-between, we’ve got essential oil blends and know how to use them. A treatment consists of brushing and scalp manipulation, a good ol’ wash, and essential oils just right for your needs or mood. 

Special event styling~ A fast paced appointment for an outing of hair. Ideal for cocktail dress events or a special date night. Usually takes about 30-45min for some up to date fashion hair.

Pinned up/up-do~ A step up from a special event style. Usually for someone in a professional photoshoot, a wedding, or anyone who wants vintage styling. You’ll be here for about an hour.

Brides~ You know who you are! Congratulations, chère! We take just a little bit more time with you to make sure everything is juuuuuust right. We highly recommend a trial before the day of to make sure you are settled on what you like. Can’t wait to be there for your big day!